Looking beyond on what actually C teaches you.

cover page of LET US C 9th edition

Every programming language teaches you some things which you rather use for the long run or just learn to get a job done.
And well the ‘C’ language being one of the most universal popular language not only helps you in starting up a spark in yourself to build something or solve problems but also develops a Logic inside you for each code you perform.

Look around you. I bet there are at least 5 devices in the room you’re in which use some sort of derivative from C. The TV in your living room. The device you’re reading this on. The microwave in the kitchen. The digital watch on your wrist.
You wouldn’t believe how many devices use some sort of programming language today. There’s hardly any business in the modern world that doesn’t uses a device with some sort of programming language. It made our world easier to live in. It made our world like it is today.
And it’s all thanks to Dennis Ritchie.

It’s just been an year while I went in depth with this language and often told by many people “This will only help you to start up, and well you should concentrate on other practical Languages more”, it was just like a breakup story for me back then when people used to say that if you want to be a very good developer go with Java”Java never die”, and so I did skipped some early lessons of C but things didn’t went quite well as I expected. Since Java being a very HL language and I didn’t quite understood my own code. And then onwards I tried not to Jump but to walk so I won’t get hurt in this journey of learning.

While learning C from a very Traditional book here in India called ‘Let Us C’ By Yashwant Kanetkar who is a really good writer indeed helped me understand how I can build up the whole code on an Algorithm of my own which better be called as Logic and it was just 20% for the syntax and usability of the correct keywords.
Why you should learn C first does not really matter what you want to develop or what you are into. Learn C first because it is the same way you learn the alphabets in your play school and use them to form sentences in your first grade. If your base is strong you can build a whatever you want on top of it, same goes while you learn the Data Structures and use it in building your flowchart of your code.

Students should have four reasons for learning C:
1. It is still one of the most commonly used languages outside of the Bay
2. Area web/mobile startup echo chamber;
3. C’s influence can be seen in many modern languages;
4. C helps you think like a computer; and,
5. Most tools for writing software are written in C (or C++)
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
someone said : “Forsaking C means forsaking anything below the level of abstraction at which one happens to currently work.” and I hope forsaking it never happens until and unless AI takes over or maybe one day we could have an algorithm ready to every problem we face.

So thinking a little deep C will be necessary until we humans want to think like computers and not really want any computer itself to take over this domain.
Many practicing software engineers do fine work without fully understanding the above. Routine work in a narrow domain may not demand foundational knowledge. But students and early adopters strive to do novel, high-impact work, and quickly find that a solid understanding of C is a prerequisite. If you have similar goals, I would encourage you to put aside that trendy new language for a few more weekends and brush up on good old C.

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Piyush Thakare

Piyush Thakare

A Philosophical Geek

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